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Restaurant Inventory Software

Restaurant Production Management and POS Software This system enables you to track all raw materials and the output products. This ensures full utilization of all the raw materials It gives reports of raw materials, and produced items. It also provides a point of sale component  


Manyatta Rent Software

Manyatta Rent Management Software This is a system for real estate managers, and landlords used for managing rent from tenants. Has the following features – Adding of new tenants, landlords, plots, units etc – Receipt of payments and making of refunds – Reports on various things such as rent payment, monthly summaries etc


ShuleBora School Software

ShuleBora School Management System t is an easy to use, integrated, Student Management Information System. It is developed for perfect use in Primary schools, secondary schools and post secondary learning institutions. We customize it to work in any setup to fit the users’ needs. Get more details here


Kalenjin Bible Android App

Kalenjin Bible for Android. Get in on Google playStore Mathew 1 (Matayo 1) 1 Bukuit ne bo oretab Jesu Kristo, weritab Daudi, weritab Abraham. 2 Kisich Abraham Isak; ak kisich Isak Jakobo; ak kisich Jakobo Juda ak che tupcho; 3 ak kisich Juda Pares ak Zera eng’ Tamar; ak kisich Pares Hesron; ak kisich Hesron …

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